The sheet music of Man-Ching Donald Yu

Organ Concerto 'Nebula'

Man-Ching Donald Yu
Man-Ching Donald Yu, Wehr's Music House
Classical / Symphonic music
Organ, Flute, Clarinet, Trombone tenor, Horn, Trumpet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass
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Full score
Year of composition

The title “Nebula” is inspired by a fascinating picture of various nebulas in the universe which are interstellar clouds of dust, hydrogen gas and plasma. It was commissioned by organist Carson Cooman.
Nebula is a single movement 15 minute piece delineated into various sections. The form and structure of the piece resembles a symmetrical arc form. The piece begins with a slow and calm introductory section where the trumpet announces the main motivic material of the piece in a wandering and mysterious manner. After the slow section fades out mysteriously, the second section erupts and the theme is introduced by strings energetically and the organ solo states the main theme. Soon, the third quiet section emerges with numerous string harmonics. After this section, the first energetic section returns which then leads to a different contrapuntal central section. The central section begins with a fugato section in a lower register and it builds up gradually into a higher register section. The organ solo joins in with a varied theme which is derived from the fugal thematic materials. The highest density of the music occurs in the central section where abundances of octatonic materials occur. Upon reaching the highest climatic state, the nocturne-like cadenza section follows which restates the thematic materials of the earlier second section. After the cadenza section, the tremolo strings’ section emerges where tritone interval ‘T’ becomes a “nucleus” throughout the section. The second last section of the piece enters furiously and this section resembles the earlier second section of the piece. After passing through the final climax, the introductory section recurs while the trumpet and the woodwind state the retrograded main theme. The music fades out into cosmos.

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13 Jun 2013


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